Reycom and Hosokawa

Reycom and Hosokawa As A Team

Reycom and Hosokawa, despite thinking of each other as tools, seem to have a good relationship with each other. Their tactic is to freeze the opponent and grab their spellbook, which works well.


Reycom is a heartless Mamodo kid. Reycom met Hosokawa while he was on his daily run, as he was eating the frozen fish. Reycom then stuck with him until he was fired from his job. Sensing his opportunity, he gave him the book. They were partners from then on. When describing each other in episode 5, Reycom said that he liked every rotten thing that Hosokawa had done, as it made him stronger. When his book was burned, he didn't bother to say goodbye to Hosokawa, but tried frantically to put his spellbook out, showing how their relationship was meaningless to him.


Hosokawa was once a deliveryman on the Mochinoki docks. After finding Reycom in one of the warehouses, he took care of him like he was his child. After being introduced to the spellbook, this relationship deteriorated. Hosokawa described Reycom in episode 5 as "his tool", and was so obsessed with this power that he wanted two Mamodo, targeting Zatch as his other Mamodo. After Reycom's book was destroyed, he supposedly went to jail.


Element: Ice

Spellbook Burned: Yes, by Zatch Bell and Kiyo Takamine

Affiliations: Evil

Book Color: Blue

Gikor: An ice shard fires from Reycom's mouth.

Freezudo: Reycom's breath can freeze objects.

Ganzu Gikor: A more powerful version of Gikor (video game only).

Gishield: A large shield made of ice appears infront of Reycom (video game only).

Gikor Garudo: Large icecicles appear under the opponent (video game only).

Lagikor Fang: A giant ice wolf is summoned to attack the opponent (video game only).

Oruga Gikor: Summons a large, twisted icicle into Reycom's palm.

Raja Freezudo: A more powerful version of Freezudo.


Reycom is also the name of a security company.